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African horoscope understanding

The origins of African astrology date back to ancient African civilizations. Even the most primitive African tribes were interested in astrology and the stars… Indeed, these ancient African tribes created something called geomancy (earth divination). However, it wasn’t really the earth, but the shamans randomly tossing bones which then formed lines and arrows – thus African astrology was born! A special feature of African astrology is that its symbols – such as family, ancestors or various natural forces – come from people’s everyday lives. So The shaman throws the bones on the ground and reads the future from them based on their shapes and characters. 12 figures are created, known as:
  • baobab – from January 4 to February 3;
  • abundance of amber and silver – from February 4 to March 5;
  • family – from March 6 to April 4;
  • the world of love – from April 5 to May 4;
  • market – from May 5 to June 4;
  • ancestor – from June 5 to July 4;
  • judge – from July 5 to August 4;
  • train – from August 5 to September 3;
  • traveler – from September 4 to October 3;
  • horizon – from October 4 to November 3;
  • child of the world – from November 4 to December 3;
  • harvest and granary – from December 4 to January 3.
Read the interpretation of your sign in the African horoscope.

1. Baobab tree

Those born under this sign are honest, free and caring. They have a sharp mind, but sometimes fall into the anxiety of it. They are smart and sensitive, so they enjoy positions of power and prestige. Such people do not allow themselves to be harmed by the negativity of other people.

2. Abundance of amber and silver

People born under this sign are intelligent and wise, sometimes they are angry with the people around them. And that’s not all – sometimes they can turn into rebels from their habit. Their plus is that they are incredibly strong individuals who can withstand temptations of all kinds.

3. Family

People born under the family sign are usually warm and friendly, but they often keep their distance, that is, they only open up to people who are close to them. They are good at one area of life – be it personal or professional life. They can balance everything, but some of them will always be more successful than others.

4. The world of love

People born under this sign are extremely sociable and can easily make friends with them – they are warm and gentle, but they can also be a bit “different”. They often run from problems rather than confront them – and that can get them into trouble. If you were born under this sign, be careful when it comes to people who are supposed to be loyal to you – something bad might be going on behind your back.

5. Market

People born under this sign will encounter peace and harmony in life, as well as difficulties and brutality. Such people show an incredible level of duality in their lives – although they can be extremely difficult on the surface, they can be incredibly gentle inside and this makes them unique! Despite their nature, they are lovers of peace and good mood.

6. Ancestor

Such people can be self-centered, often without even realizing it! Not only that, these people can often become arrogant and rude if their positive energy is not channeled in the right way. They can be smart and witty, but people often mistakenly think that they are completely different. If you belong to this sign, be a little gentler with your surroundings. The world is not so bad after all!

7. The judge

The judge is the most compact sign of African astrology. Those born under the sign of the judge make a decision in the moment to live and are not afraid to face the reality of life. They do not live under false assumptions about what is right and what is wrong, but live life in the present. They don’t build castles in the clouds – they live the chosen life.

8. The train

Such people have incredible energy, but they can be very unstable in life. They can make impulsive decisions and then regret them – such people are not always reliable for work, but they will do anything for their friends. However, their incredible energy must be directed well and used in the right circumstances.

9. The traveler

Travelers are complex creatures that most people don’t understand. They are guided by their own intuition and never rely on others. They are somewhat lonely and this is precisely the reason why it is difficult for them to adapt to a new environment. They like to stay true to themselves, but they can easily connect with someone – but only if they want to.

10. The horizon

These are brave people and very strong! While most people often travel along a set path, these people defy nature and do what they want. They are somewhat eccentric, so they are not exactly the ideal choice for a life partner. But such people will stay with you no matter the circumstances.

11. Child of the world

Such people sometimes withdraw and do not want to attract attention. They are not born with the best luck in life and even when they are, they often end up in bad company. But these are very hard-working people who quickly climb the ladder with their efforts. They excel in their professional lives, but therefore need to work much harder in their personal lives.

12. Harvest and granary

People born under this sign are always ready to work on their lives – they worship abundance, which means they will work very hard to achieve their goals. But they also have to look at their fun side from time to time. Life isn’t so bad after all!